FLIP by La Sauce

The Flip deck is a skateboard equipped with an organic matrix of LEDs controlled by an 802.15.4 radio. The deck can display various abstract animations evoking motion and speed. Most of the animations are based on the idea of flow of light. The light flows organically from the nose of the skateboard to its tail in different patterns and speeds.

The pattern of the LED matrix embedded in the deck is based on xylem, the cellular structure present in many plants and trees. This cellular structure is responsible for transporting water and nutrients through the plant's vascular system. The electronic circuit that controls the flow of light on the deck uses a similar transport structure made of flip-flop gates. Each gate controls a sub-set of LEDs. It gets its information from one immediate neighboring gate, flashes the appropriate LEDs and relays the information to the other.

The entire circuitry is embedded in the plywood of the skateboard. The deck was engraved with a laser-cutter in order to house the various components. Each groove was filled with a translucent acrylic polymer that also serves as a diffuser for the individual pixels.

The Flip deck was first exhibited in Quebec City for the 2009 Transistor Design Skateboard show. It was also featured on Radio Canada, Canada's national public TV network. Thanks to ESKI for providing the electronic components for the deck.